Glomar Court Orders

Court of Appeals Granted Leave Of Court To File an Appeal on behalf of Abdur-Rashid and Samir Hashmi
Court Order granting Hashmi and Abdur-Rashid Right to Appeal. Only 2% of the requests are granted when the Appellate Division decision is unanimous. ..Read More
Talib W. Abdur-Rashid v. NYPD (FOIL) The Appellate Division Decision
The Appellate Division decided that the NYPD could use Glomar in response to FOIL requests. Read more here ..Read More
Samir Hashmi v. NYPD, Index No. 101560/2013
The New York County Supreme Court on November 17, 2014 issued a decision stating that the New York Police Department cannot evade its obligations unde ..Read More
Decision and Judgment by Judge Hunter Denying Petitioner’s Article 78
The state court stated the NYPD could Glomar as a matter of the first impression. Read more here ..Read More