Media on NYPD Surveillance, FOIL & Glomar

The NYPD Will Neither Confirm, Nor Deny, the Stories Behind This Story
Samir Hashmi learned the NYPD may have been surveilling him when he was a student at Rutgers University in Newark and the treasurer of the Muslim Stud ..Read More
Omar T. Mohammedi Speaking To The Press On Glomar
Omar Mohammedi, Esq. speaking at a Press Conference outside the NY Appellate Division, First Department. He had argued the Glomar case on behalf of hi ..Read More
Muslim New Yorkers Now Have Someone Watching the Cops Who Watch Them
WNYC ..Read More
NYPD cites Cold War-era spy precedent in rejecting information request
New York Daily News: The NYPD wants to torpedo a request for information about its surveillance methods by citing a national security argument firs ..Read More
The NYPD is again using the Glomar theory in the FOIL request similarly to our case Abdure Rashid Vs NYPD . Only this time, the NYPD is using it against BLM for their political activities
ShadowProof : Here ..Read More
NYPD surveillance of Muslims (FOIL Updates) 2017
A federal judge has formally approved a settlement that installs a civilian watchdog on an NYPD surveillance panel to protect Muslims from unconstitut ..Read More
Cases Seeking Disclosure About NYPD Muslim Surveillance Will Be Heard by Appeals Court
The Court of Appeals agreed Monday to hear a case challenging the New York City Police Department’s refusal to acknowledge the exis ..Read More
Judge rejects Paramus man’s claim to police records linked to surveillance of N.J. Muslims
A New York judicial panel has ruled that a Paramus man is not entitled to records he believed the NYPD had kept on him during a period of surveillance ..Read More
Appellate court sides with NYPD on Muslim surveillance documents
The unanimous decision by the judges accepted the department’s so-called Glomar defense—a provision related to federal Freedom of Information Act ..Read More
New York State Court Denies Glomar Application on FOIL Case
The Court in this case denied the New York City Police Department’s (“NYPD”) motion to dismiss. It argued that the NYPD could not evade its obli ..Read More
Hashmi and Abdur-Rashid Case FOIL Profiled in The Village Voice
Samir Hashmi V. NYPD and Abdur-Rashid cases have been profiled in the latest Village Voice Article. The two Muslim individuals, among many others, hav ..Read More
The NYPD Can Keep Pretending It Isn’t Spying On Muslims, Court Rules
The NYPD has a well-documented record of spying on law-abiding Muslims, and yet refuses to acknowledge even the existence of information that relates ..Read More
Paramus man sues NYPD over Muslim surveillance records
The Paramus man was denied, but the response differed from the replies sent by the New York Police Department to other Muslims he knew who also reques ..Read More
Muslim Groups Petition For NYPD Records
Islamic groups are taking the police department to court over alleged cases of Muslim surveillance. NY1’s Dean Meminger spoke with two men who say o ..Read More
OTMLAW to Defend Samir Hashmi and Abdur-Rashid in Lawsuits Against NYPD
OTMLAW represents both Mr. Talib W. Abdur-Rashid and Samir Hashmi in the matter of Abdur Rashid v. NYPD and Hashmi v. NYPD. The two judges presiding ..Read More
Muslims seek files from NYPD’s surveillance of them and their groups
Talib Abdur Rashid and Samir Hashmi say police denied them access to their own files, claiming the documents are exempt from disclosure under the Free ..Read More