The legal team at the Law Firm of Omar T. Mohammedi, LLC is deeply committed to protecting our client’s civil and constitutional rights. We have extensive experience representing victims of constitutional violations.

In addition, the Law Firm of Omar T. Mohammedi, LLC has in-depth experience and skills to handle complex litigation. To name a few:

In re 9/11 Litigation – OTMLAW represents various defendants in the MDL complex litigation involving the most intricate legal issues and theories.

To read more case studies, please visit our High Profile Cases page.

Our managing partner, Omar Mohammedi, a former NYC Human Rights Commissioner, works closely with the FBI Civil Rights Task Force, the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and other civil rights agencies. The breadth and longevity of our experience has made our firm an authority in this area. We have ligated various civil rights cases to list a few:

Police Brutality

In 1999 the Law Firm of Omar T. Mohammedi, LLC, represented Amadou Diallo et al and successfully settled a $3 million wrongful death action in the NYPD shooting of an unarmed African immigrant, Amadou Diallo.

Click here to read more about the Amadou Diallo case.

Other High Profile Cases

Our attorneys have successfully litigated high profile and historic cases. The Law Firm of Omar T. Mohammedi, LLC has been involved in a broad range of cases including but not limited to:

In Hashmi v. NYPD et Al. – OTMLAW successfully defeated a motion to dismiss by the NYPD seeking the application of the federal Glomar standard not available to the NYPD as a result of the NYPD illegal surveillance of members of the Muslim community. For more information please, visit the High Profile Cases page.

Lewis v. MTA et al. – OTMLAW reached a resounding victory for its client two years after her death in a prominent employment discrimination against the Metropolitan Transit Authority. For more information please, visit the High Profile Cases page.

Shqeirats v. US Airways Groups et al. – OTMLAW defeated two motions to dismiss and five summary judgment motions on behalf of the six Imams to establish a major precedent protecting minorities from profiling, warrantless search, illegal detention, and false arrest and imprisonment based on the victims’ religious belief and practices, race and national origin. The precedent asserts the six Imams’ and other minorities’ rights under the Fourth, the Fifth and Sixth Amendment Rights.
Read More about the Six Imams case:
Shqeirat v. US Airways Group, Inc., 645 F.Supp.2d 765 (D.Minn. 2009)
Shqeirat v. US Airways Group, Inc., 2008 WL 4232018 (D.Minn. Sept. 9, 2008)
Shqeirat v. US Airways Group, Inc., 515 F.Supp.2d 984 (D.Minn. 2007)

Al-Najjar v. New York City et al. – OTMLAW successfully litigated and settled a discrimination and harassment case for a Muslim high school student and his family who suffered severe harassment from his teachers in a New York City Public High School because his name was “Osama”.

Usman v. Mandl School of Allied Health Training et al. – OTMLAW successfully litigated on behalf of a Muslim woman who was terminated from her job after returning from Hajj.

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